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I am wedding and elopement photographer currently living in Dublin, Ireland. I capture love stories all over the world. Ines Gule Photography

I have just recently got married and had a beautiful baby and that is the driving force behind my work and my life. I have spent years documenting my own relationship and love stories of others and know the importance of capturing milestones in your life – big and small.

I  am so happy that my work has brought you here and more than anything else, hope it makes you feel something.  I firmly believe that when it comes to art, you should feel it’s the right fit for you. Right into your bones. I want you to be over the moon excited to have me be a part of your milestones. You should trust the person documenting your life 100% and I want you to trust me with your story.

I love to capture intimate love stories and work with adventurous, daring couples who are willing to to be vulnerable with me and let me into intimate parts of their life and relationship. To be awkward, and silly and strange and wonderfully weird. I love to capture the way your relationship feels, the way your hands touch and faces meet. I want to capture the tears, the laugh from your gut moments, and all stuff in between. If you feel like you can trust me with your story, please get in touch.

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